R&D priorities

  • Energy sources (ES): renewable energies; conventional energies; energy conversion; power grids;
  • Energy efficient materials and technological processes (EEMTP): advanced materials (composite, ceramic, magnetic nanofluids); automotive; equipments and installations; robotics and automation; artificial intelligence;
  • Climatic changes and sustainable development (CCSD): the impact of climatic changes on the built environment; protection and rehabilitation of the built environment; waste management; materials, solutions and technologies for energy efficient buildings.

Research fields

  • Photovoltaic piles
  • Combustion piles
  • Biogas production and use
  • Wind power
  • Nanomaterials and nanotechnologies used in conversion of renewable energy
  • Aerodynamics and vibrations
  • VLSI circuits and systems
  • Electronics for renewable energy conversion
  • Digital equipment for renewable energy
  • Automatic and electrical equipment