Project no. 1. Mechanical characterization of cellular materials and sandwich structures with cellular materials cores, used in smart facades

  • Partners: UPT, UTCN, UTCB
  • Specific objectives: evaluation of mechanical properties and specific behaviors of cellular materials used as thermal insulation in smart facades, through mechanical trials involving compression, bending and toughness

Project no. 2. Materials used for air pollutants degradation. Materials with low absorption / high reflection of UV-VIS-IR radiation

  • Partners: INCEMC, UPT, UTCB
  • Specific objectives: obtaining, characterizing and testing materials used on smart facades:
    1.      cellular glass obtained from glass waste;
    2.      composite materials from natural and synthetic fibers with high mechanical strength, fireproof character, good thermal insulation, resistance to freeze / thaw cycles and to solar radiation exposure;
    3.      materials with photocatalytic properties used for the degradation of ambiental air pollutants;
    4.      materials with low absorption / high reflection of UV-VIS-IR radiation.

Project no. 3. The management of energy conversion and storage using smart grid technologies

  • Partners: UPT, UTCN, ICPE
  • Specific objectives: theoretical and experimental study of the electrical energy distribution in d.c. current implemented on the household consumers’ level or in the nearby community (smart-grid), with the integration of renewable energy sources, concluded on an experimental platform.

Project no. 4. Smart facades in the context of climate change

  • Partners: UPT, UTCB, UTCN, ICPE-CA
  • Specific objectives: implement the results accumulated through projects 1-3 using a modular mobile laboratory demonstrative application - EXPERIMENTARIUM